Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers
Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
Date Read: April 14, 2012


Blessed Are the Cheesemakers is a fun, cozy read. It’s very easy to get into, and has many likeable characters.

Set primarily in Ireland, the story has elements of magical realism, such as an old cheesemaker with the ability to see into the future, and cheeses with magical attributes.

I really enjoyed the narrator’s voice. You can almost hear a warm smile in her words as she unfolds the story. Although this book addresses some heavy issues (such as alcoholism, adultery and even death), there is a sweet optimism apparent in the narrator’s descriptions that helps make this a truly enjoyable read.

One of the reviews on the front of my copy notes that this is a “tender love the spirit of Chocolat.” Yes, there is a wonderful love story that unfolds during the course of this novel, but I feel that this book was much more enjoyable than Chocolat, whose characters I didn’t find nearly as dear or appealing as those in Blessed Are the Cheesemakers.