Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Date Read: March 2012


(Spoiler alert)
This book is The Hunger Games all over again. And I don't mean that it's simply book two in the series. I mean, reading this was serious deja vu, because it literally replicates what happens in the first book. When I picked this up, I honestly expected for there to be a swift progression into the development of the rebellion against the Capitol. Instead, what I got was a repeat of Katniss and Peeta being harvested for another games. I stupidly assumed that there was no way Collins would actually allow them to end up in the arena again, and rather that they would somehow avoid it. I was wrong.

The concept of the games is interesting, but not intriguing enough to be fully rendered TWICE in as many books. I feel that the original story provided ample opportunity for Collins to create a truly gripping plot movement showing the development of a fascinating upheaval against the Capitol. Instead, it seems that she got a bit lazy and simply fell back on the excitement of the games, which, although it worked well in book one, felt entirely redundant and unimaginative when depicted in Catching Fire.