Author: Brandon Sanderson
Date Read: March 2012


After sort of slogging through the Mistborn series, it took me a few years to try Sanderson again. Elantris, at least, promised to have everything wrapped up within a single volume, which was enough to get me reading it.

The concepts in this book are brilliant. I love the idea of a city to which the "dead" are relegated, and also the mythic stories about the fall of the once great city. The lead characters are all very likable, and generally make intelligent decisions, which always makes a book more enjoyable, and characters’ actions more believable, to me.

In fact, I had a hard time putting this book down for the first three-quarters. Then, as it became clear that things were beginning to reach a crescendo, the momentum seemed to slow down. Just like with Mistborn, I felt like I was really having to push myself to read the final quarter (or so) of this book – I really wanted to know what was going to happen, but it simply wasn’t happening quickly enough. This was surprising since the rest of the book moved along so well.

By the time I put the book down, I was relieved to be finished, which was a disappointment considering how fully I had enjoyed the majority of the story.