Little House (Sort of) on the Prairie

Well . . . some big news for us! Matt and I are in the process of buying our first home. It’s somewhat amazing to think that we’re going to OWN a house, and that we’ll be able to make our own decisions about what to do with it.

We’d been looking off and on for a little more than a year, never very seriously. Until we came back from our August trip to Kauai, that is. When we were there, we decided to make some changes when we came back home, and we managed to follow through. One of the big changes was that we wanted to finally settle down for a time. Jackson has been a good home for us — many of the people are open, friendly, and family-oriented, and the country around here is beautiful.

So, soon after unpacking our bags, we were back on, seeking our next abode. We didn’t have to look long! There was a place we found up in Pine Grove, hoping we’d have a chance to live among pines and snow. We were pretty serious about it, but then happened to drive up to the area one day to walk around the neighborhood and get a feel for it. Well, after getting barked at by three BIG scary dogs from across the street, and then getting chased by another two dogs from a little farther down the road, we kind of reconsidered the draws of the mountains. What’s up with people letting their dogs run around and terrorize poor pedestrians???

So, a bit chagrined, we drove back home. On a whim, we decided to drive by a house we’d seen on, not really expecting too much. But as we entered the neighborhood and saw the other houses, as well as the openness of the properties, we got excited. And then we saw the actual home that was for sale. One story, with only open pastureland behind it, we were immediately interested. We went back home and made an appointment to see the house the very next day.

I think we both knew right away that it was a very lucky find. The one-story, open floor plan, the huge windows letting in a sea of bright afternoon light, and the beautiful view of rolling golden hills, and tall oaks scattered in the land behind the house made us both recognize pretty immediately that we’d found a place we could easily call “home.”

Of course, we weren’t the only ones with an interest! We rushed to get our finances in order, and to consider how much we could comfortably afford, and then we put in an offer about four days later. Things were moving very quickly by then, and we worried about whether or not our offer would be accepted. In the end, we felt very blessed to learn that the owners had accepted our offer. And now, nearly a month later, we’re only two weeks away from the move-in date. Exciting!!! We can’t wait to get into the new place, get it all set up, and start having family and friends over! We know our family will be happy to find that there will be no more talk of aerobeds when they come to visit 😉

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