Say Hello to Our Little Cutig

Well, Matt and I have been keeping a secret — but this is a good secret, so we think you’ll forgive us! On August 27, we found out that we’re expecting a little addition to the Goughkins!! In an earlier post, I wrote that during our trip to Kauai at the end of July/beginning of August, we had decided to make some changes. Well, just like getting the house, this one was also realized rather quickly — yikes. Just as we had begun to adapt to the possibility of having a little munchkin, we found out that it would be happening in about 8 months! Double yikes.

So, without further ado, please say hello to our little Cutig!!

10-Week Old Cutig Chillin' in the Womb -- click to zoom

A Note About the Name “Cutig”

First, it’s pronounced “QUOO-tig” (yes, it’s practically “Q-tip,” just change out the “p” for a “g”). About two years ago, Matt was following Patrick Rothfuss’ blog. He’s the author of a really fabulous fantasy book called The Name of the Wind. Anyway, Patrick and his wife were expecting a baby, and they didn’t want to call it “it” or “the baby” for the entire pregnancy. So, Rothfuss came up with the whimsical name, “Oot,” for the baby while its gender was still a mystery. Matt really dug this, and decided to come up with his own asexual baby name. Knowing that our child will indeed be cute, he just added a little “ig” to sweeten the deal, and therefore ended up with the name “Cutig.” He’s really excited that we finally get to put the name to use.

When Can You Meet Cutig?

Right now, we’re looking at a due date of late April. We can’t wait to make the introductions!

Although a bit freaked out, Matt and I are also pretty stoked. We are so happy to share this news with you all!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Jamie, Matt & Cutig